What the Kruger National Park offers Safari goers

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It’s no secret that kruger park safaris with shinzelle 29the Kruger National Park is one of South Africas most popular tourist destinations.
This wildlife ‘warehouse’ is nearly 2000 0000 hectares in size, it is the largest game reserve in south africa, larger than some countries in the world, with a vast array of fauna and flaura on offer, over 100 years of history, breathtaking landscapes and views with world class infrastructure, it’s not difficult to see why.

No matter what you desire from your safari experience, the Kruger National Park has something on offer for everyone.

Although nothing can be guaranteed on safari the Kruger Park is home to the famous big 5 of Africa – Lion, Leopard, Elephant, Buffalo and Rhino can all be seen on safari in Kruger.

For the purist looking to engulf themselves in nature there is even more to enjoy, the pristine natural beauty of the Kruger National Park is a sight to behold that washes a sense of emotions over you that can only be felt on safari in Africa, the landscape is always picturesque and ever changing from flat savanna plains to rolling hills with tall mountains as a back drop to flowing rivers with towering trees, any nature enthusiast and first time safari goer is guaranteed to be in awe.kruger park safaris with shinzelle 28

Over 500 bird species occupy the Kruger National Park, offering advanced and novice birders alike an incredible variety of bird life to enjoy
on safari in Kruger.

All of the flagship african mammals are on display in the Kruger, you have the opportunity to see animals like, Hippo, Warthog, Giraffe, Wildebeest and Zebra as well as hundreds of other animals big and small if you’re lucky enough the fastest land mammal the Cheetah or even the treasured african wild dogs call Kruger home.

There are over 300 Tree species anchored and growing tall in the Kruger, offering tree lovers an unrivalled opportunity to enjoy their interest and creating a complete wildlife experience for every visitor.

bungalowThere are more than 10 rest camps scattered throughout the park with many more satalite, bushveld and private camps to choose from with a huge variety of accommodation options a road network extending almost 5000kms, made up of both gravel and tar, the choices and variety on offer are endless.

Travellers have the opportunity to find and book there own accommodation and self cater as well as drive themselves through the Kruger Park an option made use of mostly by local travellers and regular Kruger visitors.

For those that don’t know where to start, a specialist Kruger Park Safari operator is a great option, these companies are experts in their field with world class safari itineraries offering a complete Kruger park experience with accommodation taken care of for you as well as all safari activities in open game viewing vehicles with a dedicated and experienced local field guide while all meals are professionally catered for you by an in house chef.dinner-with-danny-shinzelle-safaris

While self service is a great way for South Africans and Krugerholics to enjoy a safari experience there own way.

For a first time international traveller the choices, shear size of the region and the daunting prospect of driving yourself in your tiny rental car through the African bush is enough to make the most seasoned traveller a little anxious.

Not to mention the fact that self catering and self driving is to some degree a ‘working’ holiday with a littlkruger park safaris with shinzelle 2e less relaxation time to enjoy.

Fortunately companies like Shinzelle Safaris are the solution, with a vast array of safari packages to choose from there’s sure to be an option for all preferences and budgets.
Visit www.shinzellesafaris.co.za today for more information on how you can have the ultimate safari experience in the Kruger National Park.