What makes South Africa the premier tourist destination in Africa?


Africa is an unbelievably diverse continent with a vast array of choices for anyone planning an international holiday.

Of course at the top of every travellers list for an African getaway is a safari experience.Shinzelle Safaris Kruger Park Safari Experiences

The once in a lifetime opportunity to encounter the iconic wildlife species you’ve learned about in school as a child, seen in hundreds of documentaries from National Geographic to David Attenborough and now peperred across every social media platform from Facebook to YouTube.

Choosing your ultimate safari destination can be a daunting task, there are literally thousands of choices spread throughout a number of different countries.

So why should you choose South Africa? The biggest reason is options.

A one dimensional holiday can be fabulous, think island get away, in the tropics basking in the sun sipping cocktails all day every day.

Kruger Park Safari Experience But what if you’re looking for a little diversity on your international getaway?

Diversity is the exact reason South Africa is the premier tourist destination in Africa, we have more choices than even the locals can begin to fathem.

For starters, the main reason for your visit is a safari experience, South Africa offers loads of choices in many different biomes on hundreds of different wildlife reserves spread throughout every corner of this beautiful country all with something different and special on offer, from luxury to camping the choices are literally endless.

The ultimate safari destination in South Africa is the iconic Kruger National Park one of the largest conservation areas in Africa and by far the biggest and most complete safari destination for any tourist.

The Kruger Park offers Safari experiences that cater for an endless list of wants and needs.

For starters there are loads of different accommodation types to choose from, if you’re budget allows and luxury is your style there are plenty of private lodges scattered throughout Kruger giving you plenty of 5 star options to choose from.Kruger Park Safari Packages

If you’re like most travellers that are looking to get the most out of as little as possible, and something a bit more authentic a Kruger Park Safari has even more options for you to choose from.

There are plenty of camps all over the Kruger Park which collectively is the size of Belgium, with budget, mid range, glamping and camping accommodation options all self catering.

You can drive yourself through Kruger (not a great option for the first timer that might never go again, considering the scale of the Kruger National Park) or you can book a professionally operated safari activity with a private safari operator like us.kruger park safaris with shinzelle Safaris

Booking your own accommodation and catering for yourself is an option but there are great safari companies out there that can ensure you the ultimate Kruger Park Safari experience taking care of all your accommodation, safari activities and meals for you.

There are even a number of options outside of the Kruger Park, there are a few beautiful and picturesque little towns on the cusp of Kruger that offers you a gateway to the Kruger Park as well as the rest of the region that boarders the Kruger, from here you’re able to view the Blyde River Canyon, the largest green canyon in the world, as well as a number of different activities from cultural to adventure, with lots of restaurants and shops to visit in between.

The entire Kruger lowveld region is spectacular in its unspoiled natural beauty and a must see for any visitor to South Africa.

Now if a diverse vacation is what you’re after, that’s exactly what you’ll get when you visit our beautiful country.

SA BeachesSouth Africa has one of the largest coastlines on the continent with pristine unspoiled beaches bordering the south of the country.

With a vast array of cultures, 11 official languages and a local flavour borrowed by many different backgrounds, traditions and beliefs, South Africa makes for one of the most interesting and unique tourist destinations on the African continent.

We have beautiful cities like Johannesburg and Cape Town that thrive with night life, arts and entertainment with fine dining and food culture to thrill the likes of any global foodie.

These cities are filled with activities from Johannesburg’s popular Casino complexes to theme parks, hop on, hop off and cultural tours and the world class apartheid museum.

Through to Cape Towns architectural beauty with its picturesque views of its beautiful beaches with table mountain as its magnificent back drop.Cape Town South Africa

It’s not hard to see why South Africa is considered the premier tourist destination in Africa.

We hope you choose to visit South Africa for your next overseas adventure, we’re 100% certain you’ll have an unforgettable time and we look forward to welcoming you to our beautiful country one day soon.

If you’re planning a trip to Africa get in touch with Shinzelle Safaris office to book an authentic and unforgettable safari experience in the Kruger National Park.