Leopard sighting is the perfect end to a perfect safari experience in the Kruger National Park.

Leopards on safari in the Kruger National Park

On our previous overnight safari in the Kruger Park, we had many wonderful and memorable sightings but we hadn’t had much luck with cats other than a lone lioness on our first morning game drive, far from the road lying in long grass.

It was our last game drive with these amazing guests and needless to say as big cats are generally at the top of the list for most safari goers to the Kruger Park, I was anxious to get them a great cat sighting before it was time to say goodbye.

Heading out the camp gates as early as we could, in search of Leopard or Lion as the sun rose over Kruger, the route I had carefully planned was unexpectedly blocked by a tree that had fallen over the road, forcing us to turn around, unbeknownst to us, this was about to become a stroke of luck rather than misfortune.

As I quickly thought of a different route to take, we turned down the next road, just a few hundred meters from the leopard-glare-from-the-tree-topsturn off, there it was, a magnificent and beautiful Leopard perched high on a branch gazing over the bushveld.

We sat with it for a little while before it got up, turned around and re positioned itself perfectly for us to see it clearly and take a few snaps for that scrap book back home.

What a special sighting it was and the perfect end to another unforgettable safari experience in the Kruger National Park for our guests.