How to ensure the perfect first time safari experience in the Kruger Park.



A recent article highlighted the daunting task of planning a safari in the Kruger Park for the first timer that has no idea what to expect.

The wealth of contradictory information can be overwhelming, this particular article fell short of the mark in a few areas, firstly it failed to highlight the vast magnitude of the Kruger and made things seem to be far less complicated than what they actually are. The article suggested choosing an entrance gate, sounds simple enough, except for the fact that there are many of them scattered across two different provinces providing access to an area roughly the size of Belgium.

Some of these gates are 4 hours from Johannesburg others are 9, it also failed to mention the distances and travel times between these gates and various restcamps, some of which require a few days travel.

This article also made it appear far simpler to find and book accommodation than what the task really entails, the simple suggestion made was to book at Croc bridge, Lower Sabie and Skukuza, a great idea in theory, in the real world however, good luck. image

There is almost never availability in these camps unless you book well in advance and even then, you’re never quite sure what you’re actually going to get, there is a multitude of different accommodation types from camping to family cottages with units that have no bathroom in between, which one did you book?

Distances between gates and camps are a major challenge to those that are not in the know.

If you went with this articles advice you might just end up booking at Croc bridge, choosing to enter at Phalaborwa gate with your next night at Shingwedzi, an impossible trip to complete which you would never know until it was too late.

Buy a map book the article said it has all the info you need but does it inform you of the poor game viewing on one road versus another? Does it tell you that choosing that route would leave you late for the camp gates?
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Reading this article certainly gave me a better understanding of the lost and stressed looking international travellers I see on a daily basis around Kruger driving themselves.

It lead me to want to let you know that it doesn’t have to be this way.

There are expert companies that specialise in Kruger Park Safari experiences, we are one of those companies and we’re here to ensure you have an unforgettable safari experience in the Kruger National Park.

We know where the camps are situated and what and where to book, we give you an unrivalled game viewing experience by open safari vehicle with a knowledgeable professional field guide to interpret every detail of the wildlife you encounter and who knows the region intimately.

We know where the best game viewing is and we know how to create the ultimate Kruger Park experience for you.

In addition our guides are trained to know how to approach dangerous game safely, this ensures that you always get Shinzelle Safaris tour 3a great sighting, which might not be the case when you come across a 6ton elephant bull in your rental car.

We also handle all catering requirements to ensure your only concern is keeping your camera charged for the next unforgettable sighting.

Let us take care of all your needs from touch down to take off, it’s the only way to ensure the perfect first time safari in the Kruger National Park.

We do this every day because it’s our passion, we’re here to serve you and make sure that you’re Kruger park safari experience is unforgettable in every way.

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By: Brandon Smith

Shinzelle Safaris.